By the time your budget and schedule are complete, your building permit should be ready and construction can begin. Your home will be assigned a superintendent, who will coordinate all construction activities in the field and liaise with your project manager to ensure any issues are addressed in a timely and efficient manner.

Every home is different, but in most cases construction will proceed as follows:

  1. Your construction fence will be installed and your lot will be cleared and leveled.
  2. If your home is on pilings, the pile driver will install them first. If there are no pilings, we will proceed immediately to concrete.
  3. The mason will lay out your foundation and prepare everything for the concrete pour.
  4. The pool contractor will dig your pool and form the pool shell, and the excavation crew will fill and compact your foundation.
  5. Underground utilities will be installed and your concrete foundation will be poured.
  6. The remaining block and concrete work will proceed and your home’s exterior walls, floor structure, and roof structure will be installed.
  7. The roof will be put on the house, windows will be installed, and your interior walls will be framed.
  8. Your home’s mechanicals will be implemented (plumbing, electric, HVAC, audio/video/security), and then insulation will be installed in the walls, floors, ceilings, and attics.
  9. The house will then receive drywall inside and stucco outside, which will be primed and given a first coat of paint.
  10. Now the floor can be installed and all your baseboards, door and window casings, and ceiling trim can be primed and installed.
  11. Once the floor is done and while your carpenters are installing your trim, your cabinets will also be installed, followed by your countertops and appliances.
  12. Now your mechanical trims (like light switches and plumbing fixtures) can be installed in the house, and your driveway and landscaping can be installed outside.
  13. Once everyone is clear of the house, it’s time to apply final paint inside and out, as well as finish and fill your pool!
  14. Near the end, we’ll do the last touches (like cabinet hardware, bathroom accessories, door and window handles) and do a full clean of the home.
  15. You’ll have been involved through the whole process, and at this point we’ll give you a full walkthrough of the house and create a punch list (small items that need to be taken care of before the house is really done).

Once the punch list is clear, it’s time to start life in your new Toscana Home!