Estimating & Cost Projection

When we receive your initial house plan, we will immediately begin gathering quotes from industry professionals. It is our practice to get at least three estimates on each scope of work (concrete, carpentry, electric, plumbing, HVAC, drywall, painting, and many more… our detailed cost sheet has over 300 items!). Three estimates helps ensure you are getting the best value from a qualified subcontractor in each area.

Once we’ve gathered all the estimates and condensed them into a detailed construction cost breakdown, we will review it with you and identify potential areas of savings, as well as areas that may present problems (for example, your initial blueprints may include incomplete structural engineering which could impact the estimates we’ve gathered for concrete or carpentry). We will use this information to refine your house plans and present our findings and ideas to your design team. They will implement the changes into your final design, which we will use to gather additional estimates and create a final budget.

Once a final budget is agreed on, we can select contractors and begin construction!